RobinHood Press - Print on Demand (POD) - Just for Writers!

(: We are simply an Independent to Traditional Publisher :)

Independent Publishing means that you yourself are the in control of every publishing aspect, such as, Book campaigns, Book Distribution, Sales, event set up, and the Marketting of your great works. These are thing that you have to do all by yourself, and this is were most Authors & Writers need a company like us to help them out!

RobinHood Press is here for those that need this help, linking our good intentions of ideas and professional care with your effort and creative creation(s).

Our goal is to provide you with the tools and expertise through copyright protection, book production, distribution, and marketting services. Our mission is to build your resume of book titles and sales so that we may act as an Agent, leading you in the direction of a Traditional Publishing Contract!

Authors/Writers hire companies like us to help them with the things that they are not familiar with doing, or simply taking their workload off of them, so they can concentrate on there writing fully which will further help themselves and their time consumption.

RobinHood Press presents: Our Book Publishing Guide

What does Print on Demand or POD mean?

  1. Book is submitted into our platform for interior formatting and cover setup

  2. Book is then proofed and aproved by you

  3. We submit 1 copy of book to the Library of Congress & 1 copy to the Copyright Office

  4. We provide you with a website or profile to sell your books from online & Provide you with an Author Member cost for mass printing for you to sell at home to your family and friends

  5. We provide you with distribution of your title to places like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, PaperSack Books, etc...

  6. When your title is sold online at any of these reatalors, the book is then printed out by the order and shipped to your new or old fan.

  7. Fanaly ... when your title sells you recieve your royalty ammount, depended on the publishing kit you choose

When your book is printed and shipped by the order it can allow you to have less storage space taken up at home. You won't have to monitor every order that comes in or handle any shipping processes other then the books you sell on your own time.

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Notes: Video is a 1st edition and will be upgrading to a 2nd edition which will inclued captivating background music.

Have a wonderful time and thanks for reading :)